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My Favorite Facebook Birding Resources

I have found Facebook to be an invaluable resource for increasing my birding skills. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite resources on Facebook in the hopes that you too may enjoy them. 

Last Updated: 4/2/2020

1. What’s This Bird?

What’s This Bird? is a Facebook group where you can find help identifying a bird you don’t know. Generally you need to post a photo of the bird, but people have also posted videos where you can hear a bird call instead. There are lots of experts available to help. And don’t feel shy because there are “easy” identification requests as well as ones that stump all the experts.

2. Florida Birds

Florida Birds is a group for birding photography and is limited to Florida specifically. If you’re searching for photographic inspiration, or just want to familiarize yourself with the many bird species in Florida, this is a great group to join.

3. Space Coast Audubon

My local Audubon chapter is Space Coast Audubon Society, or SCAS for short. If you’re located in the area, it’s a great group to join. If you’re not local but are interested in Florida birding, check out the page anyway. You don’t have to be a member of our chapter to read our page or participate in our group.

Or, find your local Audubon chapter and see whether they have a Facebook group.

4. Raptors in Focus

Raptors in Focus is a worldwide group run by a friend of mine here in Florida named Gail. As the name implies, it focuses specifically on raptors – hawks, eagles, owls, kites, falcons, etc. Because of Gail’s interest in swallow-tailed kites, there’s always a lot of good, timely information about their migration. Plus, there are tons of amazing photos of birds you probably won’t see often in other groups, owing to the wide distribution of the members and photographers who post raptors from near and far.

5. Women Loving WILD Nature through Photography

Women Loving WILD Nature through Photography is a private group for women wildlife photographers. You can find lots of birds, and lots of other non-bird wildlife too. It’s got participants from around the world, so it’s a great place to see wildlife from locations other than your own. The talent here is superb too and the group is very well run.

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