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Florida Birds of Prey

Florida, a state renowned for its stunning landscapes and abundant biodiversity, plays host to a remarkable array of birds of prey. These majestic avian predators, often referred to as raptors, have adapted and thrived in Florida’s diverse ecosystems, making…

Florida Scrub-Jays
Bird Species

Species Spotlight: Florida Scrub-Jays

Many of us here in eastern North America know and love (or hate) the beautiful Blue Jay. But there are many other jays present in the US as well, and one of my favorites is the Florida Scrub-Jay. About…

Swallow-tailed kite in flight over Wildwood, Florida
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Species Spotlight: Swallow-tailed Kites

Every spring around March/April, Florida birders get really excited to see the first Swallow-tailed Kites come through. Because they migrate to South America, they aren’t here year-round. But when they are, they are such a delight to watch.  Swallow-tailed…