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Backyard Bird Feeding Station Ideas
Backyard Birding

Backyard Bird Feeding Station Ideas

Watching birds visit your backyard can be a source of joy and wonder. If you’re a homeowner who loves the company of these feathered friends, creating a welcoming bird feeding station in your yard is a fulfilling endeavor. In…

green birds in Florida
General Birding

18 Beautiful Green Birds in Florida (With Photos!)

Let’s delve into the enchanting world of green birds in Florida! As avid birders know, Florida is a paradise for bird enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of species. Among them, green birds stand out for their captivating coloration and…

Bird Species

Florida Birds of Prey

Florida, a state renowned for its stunning landscapes and abundant biodiversity, plays host to a remarkable array of birds of prey. These majestic avian predators, often referred to as raptors, have adapted and thrived in Florida’s diverse ecosystems, making…

How to Photograph Birds in Flight
Bird Photography

How to Photograph Birds in Flight

One of the hardest things to photograph in nature is a bird in flight. It’s a technique that takes both study and practice. If you’d like to improve your bird in flight (BIF) photos, then this post is for…