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Where to find birds
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Where to Find Birds

Birds are everywhere, right? That’s totally true, except when you’re armed with your field guide, a pair of binoculars, a packed lunch, and a camera. Then they’re nowhere to be found. Birds really like Murphy’s Law. Or maybe it’s…

Eastern bluebird, Flagler County, Florida
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Not All Blue Birds are Bluebirds

For beginning birders, the easiest way to identify a bird is by color. Northern Cardinals are red, American Goldfinches are yellow, Eastern Bluebirds are blue. (After all, that’s why they’re called bluebirds!) Identifying birds by color is common, easy,…

Florida Scrub-Jays
Bird Species

Species Spotlight: Florida Scrub-Jays

Many of us here in eastern North America know and love (or hate) the beautiful Blue Jay. But there are many other jays present in the US as well, and one of my favorites is the Florida Scrub-Jay. About…

Florida scrub jay
Florida Birding Hotspots

Cruickshank Sanctuary, Brevard County

The Helen and Allan Cruickshank Sanctuary is located on Barnes Boulevard in Rockledge, Florida. It consists of 140 acres of pine flatwoods and scrub habitat. The biggest attraction at this location is the large number of friendly Florida Scrub-Jay…